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Laws are a dead letter without courts to expound and define their true meaning and operation.
--Alexander Hamilton,
"The Federalist No. 22"

Advocate and Attorney at Law
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NORTH AMERICA: All New York City and State Courts, US Federal Courts, and Organization of American States' Tribunals.

EUROPE:  All Courts and Tribunals of the European Union; Council of Europe Tribunals.

AFRICA:  All Courts of the Republic of South Africa (including Township Courts).


1) AFRICA - South Africa

Several important reported decisions in South African Criminal and Civil Laws, including first impression cases of:

State v. Kharnyapa 1979(1)SA 824, before the Chief Justice of South Africa – Established the application of English Law of Evidence principles in South African murder trials.

Ex Parte Jones: In re Jones v. Jones 1984(4)SA 725(WLD); Private International Law – Concerned a South African spouse married abroad under a regime allowing her to retain her separate domicile and the jurisdiction of South African Courts to hear her divorce action.

2) EUROPE - France (International)

L.C.B. v. UK 1998 - 111 R.J.D. No. 76; 1390 (European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg) – Regarding the genetic effects of parental exposure to ionizing radiation on children as violations of the European Convention on Human Rights.

McGinley & Egan v. UK 1998 - 111 R.J.D. No.76;1334(European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg) – Regarding the long-term health effects of ionizing radiation exposure on former troops as violations of the European Convention on Human Rights.

3) EUROPE - Britain

Lord Advocate's Reference No. 1 of 2000: 2001 SLT 507 (High Court of Justiciary) – Regarding the extent to which an Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice on the illegality of nuclear weapons constitutes a defence in Scottish Criminal Law.

4) EUROPE - Belgium (International)

Carswell v. Denmark 2007 -Petition 720/2002 (European Parliament, Brussels) - Parliament in plenary session overwhelmingly voted  in favour of a Petition requiring Denmark to comply with an EU Directive for medical monitoring of former Danish workers exposed to radiation in Greenland during a radiological emergency. Only third time in the Parliament's history that  plenary voting procedure adopted to determine a petition.

5) EUROPE - Luxembourg (International
Lind v. EU Commission Case T- 5/09 (European Court of Justice)- an autonomous action for wrongful death in which the court failed to find that the Commission's refusal to enforce member state compliance with an EU Directive for precautionary uniform health requirements, was "unlawful",  in an area of human welfare in which the Commission did not possess unlimited discretion to refuse enforcement of EU law.  
6) NORTH AMERICA - United States (New York)

Hochberg v. Davis 171 AD 2nd.192; 179 AD 2nd. 372; 575 NYS 2nd. 311 – Affirmed protections for procedural rights of litigants by asserting limitations on powers of State Supreme Court Judges.

Barclays Bank v. M & M Electronic Associates, Inc. 185 AD 2nd. 580; 586 NYS 2nd. 384 – Regarding modifications of a security agreement for corporate financing by subsequent actions of the parties.

7) NORTH AMERICA - United States (Federal)
Osuna v. GEICO, No 14-1844 cv, (US Federal Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, New York), in an unpublished August 3rd. 2015 decision the court declined to find a New York State law which automatically excludes spousal injury- liability from all home and auto insurance policies, violated Art. 1, sec. 9 of the US Constitution as a legislative Bill of Attainder, though the State's law is based on an indiscriminate finding that all married persons have a propensity to commit fraud.
Spierer, et al. v. Federated Department Stores, Inc., et al. 328 F 3rd. 829; (US Federal Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, Cincinnati); Regarding the scope of Constitutional limitations on US Bankruptcy Courts’ jurisdiction over state claims.
Carswell et al v E.Pihl & Son et al 595 US 5: Order List; (US Supreme Court; Docket No 21-675; 2022). In a further marginalization of injured workers' rights, the US Supreme Court refused to resolve conflicting decisions of nine US Federal Appeal Courts over which Federal court has jurisdiction to review denials of workers' wage loss claims, and left standing a lower court decision, (Carswell 999 F 3rd. 18), allowing US Labor Department Directors to oppose such claims as co- defendants with employers, requiring injured workers to fight both the Federal Government and their employers for wage- losses. 

Europe: 1973, Scottish Bar, UK - Advocate (Barrister). Member of the Scottish College of Justice (est. 1532).

Africa: 1976, Johannesburg Bar - Advocate (Barrister).

North America: 1983, New York State Bar: 1988, United States Federal Bar: 1995, United States Supreme Court Bar.


1970 LL.B. (Honors), Aberdeen University School of Law (est. 1496), UK.

1975 LL.M., University of Cape Town School of Law, South Africa (Original Thesis on Volenti Tort Defence).

1976 LL.B., University of South Africa (UNISA) Law School, South Africa.

Faculty of Advocates, Edinburgh, Scotland; South African Bar, (Johannesburg); US Federal Bar; New York State Bar; Former Member, New York County Lawyers Association (US Federal Courts and Foreign & International Law Committees); New York City Bar Association, European Affairs Committee; Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy, New York (Board Member). International Dispute Resolution Panel of American Arbitration Association (Former Member). Justice, UK.


American Bar Association Committee on Human Rights: "1985 Riots, Damage and Suffering in South Africa." New York County Lawyers Association: "US Federal Diversity Jurisdiction", "War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia", "International law and US House Resolution 568", "Legality of North Korea's October 2006 Underground Nuclear Detonation." UN Report on "Silent Genocide; The Continuing Plutonium Threat to Inuit Mothers and Their Foetuses."